Let yourself be carried away...

Discover a professional who envelopes your entire being in the art of massage therapy.

Nathalie Pouliot, is a professional and specialist in the therapeutic use of massage.

Journey through various musical styles as you travel through a delicate and indulgent universe.

Discover the capacity and the strength of therapeutic massage as you live an experience as exceptional and unique as you are.

Let yourself be carried away... in the comfort and serenity of a welcoming and trusting environment.

Experience a rythmic massage composed of combinations of different styles: amma, Californian, sports massage, Thai, Swedish, Esalen (intuitive massage), Japanese special technique.

Allow yourself to release your imprisoned emotions with vibratory sounds. With more than 25 years of experience, I also offer :

We have a variety of music to fit anyone’s taste. Choose from: Pink Floyd to Loreena McKennitt, Sarah Brightman, Emma Shapplin, Sade, Café Del Mar, Bouddha Bar, Moby, Steve Barakatt, Gregorian sounds, rock, Indian, chill out, techno, dance, or international selections... Your musical choice will be mine!

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From the tender age of 17, Nathalie discovered her passion for the art of massage and physical, delicate touch. Thus, certification in professional massage therapy was the natural next step. Le Centre l’Attitude gave her the opportunity to learn from some of the biggest names in the business: Michel Van Waeyenberge, David Palmer and ITO Haruyoshi; yet that wasn’t enough, armed with her back-pack and an insatiable curiosity, she set out to discover and take in the world. Throughout her numerous journeys, she continued to increase her understanding of the human body and spirit, and discovered her calling: that she was destined to provide “Something Different”.

Her adventures brought her to India, Indonesia, Central America, Thailand, Japan, Australia and Europe. Over 48 countries and as many cultures have left their mark on her style as many of the techniques that Nathalie uses, were learned and mastered in the various regions that shaped her unique approach. Having treasured and cherished each of those adventures, she stopped in New York and Los Angeles before returning to Québec City to share the wealth of her experiences.

Nathalie’s proficiency in massage therapy is attributed to the various countries that she visited, where she grew professionally by perfecting her skills, and grew personally by travelling and discovering the culture. Her unforgettable, enriching experiences helped her develop a philosophy of life that makes her massages unique and unforgettable.